PowerShooter Pro in statistics


(2,04 shots per sec)


(1,73 faceoff per sec)


(1,95 shots per sec)


(2,O4 shots per sec)

The PowerShooter Pro team favors statistical data to support the potential of our training board:

Improved shooting speed
Increased rotation speed
Shots per minute (1.3 shots / second)
Improved reaction speed

Numerous advantages !

100 000 shots a year ? It’s Possible !

  • Full power shot.
  • Makes it quick and easy to shoot the equivalent of over 150 pucks in a matter of minutes.
  • Shooting resistance from 3 to 20 pounds (3,5,8,10,13,15,18,20).
  • Isolates and strengthens specific muscle groups key to shooting.
  • Develops excellent muscle memory improving quick release.
  • Offers interchangeable resistances for all ages and skill levels
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance.
  • Avoid damaging your garage door.
  • Eliminates the need to retrieve hockey pucks after a training session.
  • Safe: prevents your children from collecting lost pucks on the street.
  • Saves space.
  • Develops the ability to shoot from any situation and/or position.
  • Can be used anywhere with sufficient space (indoor, outdoor, home, arena, etc.).
  • Foldable: bring it everywhere.
  • Workout in any type of weather. Effective from -40 to +40 degree celcius. Waterproof and snow resistant.
  • Intensive Training: Hours on ice can be done in only 10 minutes with PowerShooter Pro.
  • Focus on power at home, and accuracy on ice.


Your internal body heat will increase by 3 degrees after only 1 minute of training.

(The white color in the picture indicates that these body parts sound very hot)

The PowerShooter Pro training board will allow your body to be physically active based on the many shots and shots you can make while modifying the resistance of your board.

These physical training moves with the PowerShooter Pro board will inevitably increase your body temperature in a fast enough way for a solid and constructive workout.

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Really great product !
5 stars

Dany Pouliot

Very good product. Solid fact. Moreover it is versatile for both my Atom and my older Bantam by exchanging the strength of the elastic (which is very easily changed by my guys). Excellent after sales service and it is a pleasure to answer all my questions. Chapeau and I’m proud to encourage a good Quebec product !

5 stars

Steven Penk

Excellent product! I recommend it.

5 stars

Valérie Leblanc

Wow ! To practice the throws is ideal. My 10 year old daughter started using it yesterday and we are already seeing a difference ! I recommend it to all hockey players who want a good shoot !

5 stars

Jennifer Pilon

My son is super happy and he has a lot of fun ! Excellent product, made very sturdy. Dad and son can use it every 2. Thank you:)

5 stars

Annie Déziel

I got the PowerShoot for my 10 year old son and he’s just practicing slapshot, wrist shot, backhand …… none stop. Beautiful invention, congratulation !!!

5 stars

François Morissette

Excellent training product, complementary to ice training. Real results and fast.Service after-sales tested this morning same …. impeccable!

5 stars

Jeffrey Bouchard

SUPER PRODUCT ! I was skeptical (as I imagine many), but after seeing the product and having my boy try, I saw the potential and how all these muscles work.

5 stars

Jean-François Deveault

Good job ! Super beautiful invention, the next Crosby will be a fan of the PowerShoot I’m sure !

5 stars

Simon Meloche

Great product! Our AAA Team has one and 3 kids love it. Young people for a few weeks to improve some aspects of their game Parents also love.

5 stars

Daniel Deschênes

Quick delivery ! Friendly and courteous company that follows up and gives advice. Quality board, durable materials and very effective. I highly recommend it !

5 stars

Enriko Brousseau

Great product and great service ! They did not hesitate to come to us to explain everything to us ! My sons love it and my garage door too ! Thanks again !

5 stars

Marie-Rose Martel
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