Why should I use PowerShooter Pro?

POWERSHOOTER PRO™ is the world’s first portable, easy to use and durable hockey training device that isolates and trains the exact muscle groups required for the perfect shot. It builds strength and allows the players to master their shooting technique.

This product is the most effective way to increase all of your power by creating greater abilities! Do you think you have to be a big player to get a solid shot? Luckily, this time is past.

POWERSHOOTER PRO™ challenges the physical laws by enabling standard size players to have what any hockey player dreams of,

A blazing shot!

Multi function board

  1. Slap shot
  2. Wrist shot
  3. Backhand shot
  4. Practice faceoff
  5. Shoot platform
  6. Improve your movements with the puck
  7. Practice receiving your passes with resistance
  8. Puck passer

PowerShooter Pro will increase your speed, power and strength !


Develop your shooting power at your own pace, on or off the ice.
Adjust the resistance according to your progress.

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